ERMIS FC vs Panathinaikos F.C.

FC ERMIS FC - VOLOS appearance in the football games vs. Panathinaikos FC, in Athens, made such an enormous positive impact that (the largest Greek sport-website, dedicated to youth football - and football in general), made a special report about ERMIS FC-VOLOS.

Mr. Chronis Sapounas (right), director of ERMIS FC - VOLOS and Mr. Juan Ramon Rocha Click Here

As anyone, who is involved in sports, knows that there are mainly four factors that a(n) (amateur) club is appraised:

its appearance in the field (how good they play, what its players do, their coaches etc)

its organization (from financial aspects to appearance, how everything is organized and structured etc)

the behavior of its fans (do they live up to the expectations of a serious and mature club etc)

what future its players can expect (do they make it to pro-level etc)

(Team born in: 2001-2002, ERMIS FC - VOLOS, orange/black, and Panathinaikos FC, green/white)

Both, Panathinaikos FC as well as the reporters that were on-site, pointed out that ERMIS FC topped each of the aforementioned factors. What is more, everyone present agreed with the fact that ERMIS FC - VOLOS is definitely one of the best academies in Greece (something that the report of football-academies also states).

(Team born in: 2003-2004, ERMIS FC - VOLOS, white/navy blue, and Panathinaikos FC, green/white)

Finally, ERMIS FC - VOLOS would also like to thank Panathinaikos FC for its warm and very friendly hospitality.

(The head-coaches of both teams in a photo shoot together)

(Game Time)

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