Our Raison d'etre

Our Raison d'etre is the happiness of the children. Observing that many organizations try to support children happiness worldwide, to solve issues concerning equality and to provide equal opportunities for all children, we decided to enter the specific area, and to support the global community, with what we know best: Football.

ERMIS FC is a Not For Profit organization that has made its mission to bring happiness into the lives of children and to support them in fulfilling their dreams. Respectively, we try to provide to all children the best there is: either, preparing them in entering the Pro levels, supporting them even after they have signed Pro-Level contracts, or help them prepare for the National exams and enter a University to study the science they desire.

Moreover, ERMIS FC promotes intercultural exchange and understanding in hopes of bridging the various cultural differences and to help the youth to comprehend and to embrace cultural differences. Essentially, we are all children of the world.

It is not an easy task at all; especially, if taking into consideration the past few years in which Greece entered a financial crisis. ERMIS FC is mainly supported by various sponsorships and the parents of the children, who with their support keep us going. Unfortunately, although our football academy does promote the ideals of the EU, or the UN, we never received any support from them. Yet, ERMIS FC continues to strive for excellence regardless of all that.

So as to support ERMIS FC's children, and their families, the Football Academy has formed various collaborations with Professional Teams, from National to International Levels, with preparatory schools for Universities, local Gyms, and business throughout Greece. Moreover, ERMIS FC is closely collaborating with the University of Thessaly by noticing every athlete's progress and to build the needed scientific foundations for the child's further development.

Furthermore, the effect of ERMIS FC's mission has increased to such extends, since the past 15 years, resulting in a plethora of people who embraced the Academy's endeavour; people like professors, various experts in their fields of studies, PhDs, physicians, teachers, journalists (who promote ERMIS FC's undertakings) and many more.

Regardless the circumstances, our motto was and always will be:

All children have the right to be happy, to follow their dream and to smile

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