ERMIS FC's Training Sessions

Training sessions may vary depending on the age group and the level that an athlete possesses; when he or she starts at our Football Academy.

Typically, and assuming that an athlete starts at age 4, he or she will have 2 training sessions and a game each week.

As the athlete advances the sessions increase and progressively additional elements are incorporated into the training modules.

Eventually, the extend of training sessions that will be reached are 5 days/week plus a game; or alternatively, 4 days/week and 2 games/week.

Training Camps are incorporated into the training modules accordingly.

An exemplary training week will look like as follows:

Tuesday and Thursday ---> Team Training (the whole team trains together)

Monday and Wednesday ---> Tracking, Weight Lifting, Fitness (depending on the program)

Friday ---> Neuromuscular Interlocking and Tactics (adjusted to each athlete's needs)

Saturday ---> Official Match

Sunday ---> Rest

In the above program 2 additional "early-morning training sessions" may be incorporated; always based on the athlete's needs, desires (aka going Pro), school schedule or during a training camp.

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