Message from the Director

Chronis Sapounas

As director, I am pleased to welcome prospective students, young players, other website visitors including parents, community members, fellow coaches, university researchers and football teams - from National and International level.

I strongly believe that ERMIS FC - Volos, Football Academies is a special place in which young players can come together so as to learn all secrets concerning football; but also, we pay great attention in (child) human psychology as well as human relationships. Irrespective if a player makes it to Pro-Level, what the child will gain is an all-around sports education but above all, the child will have created bonds of irreplaceable friends with his, or her, teammates.

Consequently, for each athlete we strive to achieve a balance between the mind and the body; thus, for us each player is a separate case. What matters is the well-being of the child.

What is more, due to the fact that many children do indeed aim on going Pro, we are incorporating a unique, and dynamic, training program that combines the virtues of seven countries; namely, Greece, UK, Netherlands, France, Germany, Spain and Italy. Moreover, we complete the aforementioned training program with modern sciences of: psychology, tactics and strategy, formations, fitness and weight training, track (aka tracking), dietician and with what is known as neuromuscular interlocking.

Furthermore, training young football players, who want to go Professional, is the one side of the coin. The other side of the coin is, to open for them the doors to professional Teams (in both National and International Level), and provide the athletes with a fair chance of trials and equal opportunities. To accomplish such a feat, ERMIS FC has formed alliances with Greece's biggest Professional Teams as well as with Professional Teams from Germany, Netherlands, UK, Spain and Italy. We are proud to announce that many of our players have signed Pro-contracts in addition to, some of them, becoming National Players for the Hellenic Football Association.

Finally, we also strive to bridge intercultural gaps, by promoting the European Union's philosophy of Intercultural Approach through football. Correspondingly, our academy invites football teams from other countries to visit us or we, as ERMIS FC, travel with our teams to other countries as well. Consequently, the young athletes gain first-hand knowledge of the cultural differences allowing them to understand the different cultures.

ERMIS FC's mission is to provide to all children, regardless of social status or cultural background, an equal opportunity to achieve their dreams, to exercise, to attain a higher cognitive knowledge and to embrace diverse cultures. Making children smile and being happy, as the greatest reward for us.

Prospective athletes, if these commitments resonate with you and reflect the kind of work you would like to do, I hope that you will not hesitate to contact us to find out more.

Chronis Sapounas
Director of ERMIS FC - Volos, Football Academies

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